Richard Rooker

Circuit Court Clerk
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About Richard Rooker

Richard R. Rooker was appointed to the Office of Circuit Court Clerk in 1993 upon the death of his father, George L. Rooker. Subsequently, he has been elected by the voters of Davidson County to six 4-year terms.

Accomplishments during his tenure include the introduction of CaseLink, a web-based service that enables subscribers to access case information from their offices; the establishment of a web site to provide access to vital information regarding departments under his direction; and the redesign of “The Rooker Report”, the Clerk’s monthly newsletter, to include a wide array of statistical information of interest to the legal community.

Mr. Rooker is active in a number of governmental and civic organizations.


Continue the implementation of cost-effective technology to increase the efficiency of the office and to provide easy access and availability to the important records we maintain for the courts.

Work with General Sessions Courts and Police Department information systems management to complete and implement a system to improve tracking of the issuance and disposition of traffic violation citations.

Continue to emphasize the highest level of customer service orientation of all personnel and provide in-house training to achieve compliance.

Revise and improve office policy and procedure manuals and disseminate by training all employees.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Circuit Court Clerk's Office is to diligently and professionally serve the needs of the Courts, legal community and citizens of Davidson County, Tennessee, balancing the use of courteous, personal service and technology to achieve an unmatched level of efficiency and customer satisfaction.